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6 Mar 2014

Create mysql table using php

                        You can create mysql table using php. The following mysql query is used to create mysql table.
                    CREATE TABLE table_name(field_name datatype(length))

The php script as follows as:

$query=mysql_query("create table table1(id int(5),name varchar(40),img varchar(30))") or die(mysql_error());
 echo 'Table is created';
 echo'Table is not created';

           - mysql_connect() is used to connect the database.
           - 'localhost' is server name.
           - 'root' is user name of database.
           - '' represent the password of database.
           - mysql_select_db() is used to select the database for use.
           - 'new' is the database new.
           - mysql_query() is used for execute the mysql query.
           - mysql_error() gives error message when the mysql query is not running successfully.

                    Now the mysql table 'table1' is created. You can see it in your mysql database at phpmyadmin.
Your mysql database should be like this:

Create mysql table using CREATE TABLE mysql command in php

Now you created your mysql table.

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