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21 Feb 2014

Create mysql database using php

                       All of you know, create mysql database in phpmyadmin. Now we are going to know how to create database using php.

The mysql query is:
            CREATE DATABASE db_name

 Then you use the particular database. The mysql query is:
                      USE db_name

The php coding as follows as:

$query=mysql_query('create database new') or (mysql_error());
$qu=mysql_query('use new')  or (mysql_error());
   echo'Database is created';
   echo'Database is not created';

           - mysql_connect() is used to connect the database.
           - 'localhost' is server name.
           - 'root' is user name of database.
           - '' represent the password of database.
           - mysql_query() is used for execute the mysql query.
           - 'new' is the database new.
           - mysql_error() give error message while the mysql query is execute.
           - die() terminate the excution.

       Now you'll get output as " Database is created ". Then you can see the new database in your phpmyadmin.

create database in mysql using php at phponwebsites

      The database 'new' is created and ready for use.

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