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About me

                       Welcome to my blog. I'm guru who is coming from India. I'm a php web developer.
                       As i'm a php developer, i want to share about php related topics. In this blog, the contents are what i learned from my professional. When i create a page, what are the doubts i got, which is present in this blog. A website should be needs html, css, js, jquery, ajax, mysql, .htaccess, robot.tx and languages like php. If you wish to get more traffic on your site, SEO is the most vital. I shared here some of above represented .

                      I can develop websites and web applications. If you need any other help, you can contact me at any time.
                      If you wish to contact me, please use one of the following media:
    gurumoorthi who is author of at linkedin


  1. Hello sir , I have download registration script from your page , now I'm trying to develop it and I'm trying to insert a add friend button in the user profile page and I'm very confused to how to do that , can you please help me on this , please sir ...

    Regards Birendra Das

  2. Nice blog Guru... Its very helpful for me ....thank you so much ...:)

  3. I fee I have landed in an ocean of how things should work. It is now a year since I started actively engaging myself in web development. The way you explain and illustrate issues is very clear. Gooood Job! Thanks

  4. Hello Guru Moorthi,

    Nice blog! I am editor at Web Code Geeks ( We have the WCG program (see, that I think you’d be perfect for.

    If you’re interested, send me an email to and we can discuss further.

    Best regards,
    Drosopoulou Eleftheria

  5. Thanks for the useful tutorial.

    Its really simple and easy to understand. Good work...