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9 Dec 2013

Create mysql database in cpanel

                       1.You have to login to your cpanel to create mysql database.
                       2.Then you need to select mysql databases.

Mysql database and cpanel at phponwebsites

                       3.Type your database name. Then click create database button. Here, my database name is 'new'.

create Mysql database at phponwebsites

Now you'll get successful message as created database successfully as follows as:

create database in cpanel
                          4.Then you have to create new user. Type your user name here.

create Mysql user in database and cpanel at phponwebsites

Then click password generator to get password for your user name in mysql. The pop up box is opened as follows as.

create Mysql user at phponwebsites

Select the checked box and click use password button. Then you the strength password is loaded. Then click create user button.

Mysql database and cpanel at phponwebsites

Now the user name is created.
                   5. Then you need to add your user name to mysql database. Select your user name and database as follows as. then click Add button.

add user to Mysql database and cpanel at phponwebsites

                  6. Now you select all the privileges. Then click Make changes button.

all previleges to mysql user

                     7. Finally you will get a message like this:

Mysql database created in cpanel at phponwebsites

Now you created a mysql database , user in cpanel and add user to mysql database. Then you back to home and click phpmyadmin.

create Mysql database in cpanel

Then you can create table in your mysql database.