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21 Mar 2015

Get app details from Apple itunes using php

                       You can store games, music album in Apple itunes. If you want to display information of some games or music album, then you can retrieve information about apps from itunes. For retrieve app information from itunes, Apple itunes provided a search API. Do you want to know more information about Apple itunes search API, then visit iTunes Search API.
                       On Apple itunes search API, they show some examples for search link like You can see the result of search API while visiting that page.

                       The Apple Search API return results as JSON format. You need to get app data from JSON file. It is like how you retrieve data from JSON files. You can retrieve required app information from JSON file using PHP.

Retrieve app information from Apple itunes search API using PHP

                       Suppose you have games on Apple itunes storage. Then you can get app details from itunes using PHP. Due to search API, you can Game name, Game description, seller of game, game image, screenshots, game category, released date, price, version, compatibility, rating for game, game category, game url , currency and also language.

Search url in search API

                       You can't get values from search API using only "term" field in your search url.

      where, you used only term filed to retrieve data from search API. But it didn't give any results. Just view that page on browser.

                      Instead, you have to use add field "country and entity"  . Now your search url look like this .

                     Now view this page on your browser. You can get 50 results. This is the default limit. This is the maximum value that you can retrieved. You can also limit the values using "limit" field.

      $json = json_decode($content, true);

Now you will get output on screen like this,

Array ( [resultCount] => 2
           [results] => Array (
   [0] => Array (
    [kind] => software
             [features] => Array ( [0] => iosUniversal )
 [supportedDevices] => Array (
                 [0] => iPhone5s
[1] => iPhone5c
[2] => iPadThirdGen4G
[3] => iPadFourthGen4G
[4] => iPhone-3GS
[5] => iPhone4
[6] => iPadMini4G
[7] => iPadWifi
[8] => iPadThirdGen
[9] => iPhone5
[10] => iPodTouchThirdGen
[11] => iPhone4S
[12] => iPadFourthGen
[13] => iPad23G
[14] => iPad3G
[15] => iPad2Wifi
[16] => iPodTouchFifthGen
[17] => iPodTouchourthGen
[18] => iPadMini
[isGameCenterEnabled] => [artistViewUrl] =>
[artworkUrl60] =>
[screenshotUrls] => Array (
                  [0] =>
  [1] =>
                 [ipadScreenshotUrls] => Array (
                  [0] =>
  [1] =>
[artworkUrl512] =>
[artistId] => 734671920
[artistName] => Fabsys Technologies Private Limited
[price] => 0
[version] => 42.0
[description] => The worst case scenario is that you are trapped in the room full of disgusting and smelly clothes that is giving you nausea. Find a way to escape from this room before you kill yourself
[currency] => USD
[genres] => Array ( [0] => Games [1] => Puzzle )
[genreIds] => Array ( [0] => 6014 [1] => 7012 )
[releaseDate] => 2014-06-11T12:53:03Z
[sellerName] => Fabsys Technologies Private Limited
[bundleId] => com.quicksailor.EscapeUtilityRoom
[trackId] => 885565970
[trackName] => Escape Utility Room
[primaryGenreName] => Games
[primaryGenreId] => 6014
[minimumOsVersion] => 4.3
[formattedPrice] => Free
[wrapperType] => software
[trackCensoredName] => Escape Utility Room
[trackViewUrl] =>
[contentAdvisoryRating] => 4+
[artworkUrl100] =>
[languageCodesISO2A] => Array ( [0] => EN )
[fileSizeBytes] => 11570404
[sellerUrl] =>
[averageUserRatingForCurrentVersion] => 3
[userRatingCountForCurrentVersion] => 2
[trackContentRating] => 4+
       [1] => Array (  )

PHP code for retrieve data from Apple itunes

<?php $content=file_get_contents(""); $json = json_decode($content, true); //print_R($json); $count=count($json); echo'<table><th>Name</th><th>Link</th><th>Image</th><th>Description</th>'; for($i=0;$i<$count;$i++) { echo'<tr><td>'.$json['results'][$i]['trackName'].'</td>'; echo'<td>'.$json['results'][$i]['trackViewUrl'].'</td>'; $ur=$json['results'][$i]['artworkUrl512']; echo '<td><img src="'.$ur.'" width="150px"></td>'; echo'<td>'.$json['results'][$i]['description'].'</td>'; echo'</tr>'; } echo'</table>'; ?>

             Now you can get all details of app in your table. You can get any details as you want as from this PHP codes using array index represented above.

Get screenshot urls from Apple itunes using PHP

             You can get all details from itunes. You have 4 screenshot urls are avaiable in itunes for each game, 2 for screenshotUrls and another 2 for ipadScreenshotUrls. It is in array. So you want to know how to get those urls from json using PHP. The PHP script is below for that:

       $json = json_decode($content, true);
echo $json['results'][$i]['trackName'].'<br>';
echo $json['results'][$i]['screenshotUrls'][0].'<br>';
echo $json['results'][$i]['screenshotUrls'][1].'<br>';
echo $json['results'][$i]['ipadScreenshotUrls'][0].'<br>';
echo $json['results'][$i]['ipadScreenshotUrls'][1].'<br>';

              You display this reults on html img tag. Then you can get screenshot urls for a game. Just like below,

<img src="<?php $json['results'][$i]['screenshotUrls'][1]; ?>">

             Now you can get image from itunes,

Get app details from itunes using php

Get App rating from itunes using PHP

                   You can also get rating of each app from Apple itunes using PHP.

   $json = json_decode($content, true);

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