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1 Jan 2014

Distinct in mysql

                       The 'DISTINCT' mysql cmmand is used to eliminate duplicate values in a column. The mysql query as follows as:
                      SELECT DISTINCT field_name FROM table_name

Distinct in Mysql:

                                     Consider the following table. table1 is name of this table.

distinct in mysql

                              Now we are going to get unique values in column 'id' by 'DISTINCT' mysql command like this:

                      SELECT DISTINCT id FROM table1

Now you'll get output like this:

unique values using distinct in mysql

                    You can see the table 'table1' which have unique values.

Distinct multiple column in Mysql:

                    You can use multiple column for 'DISTINCT' in a query. But you can't get answer as you want.
The mysql query as follows as:

                      SELECT DISTINCT id, count FROM table1

You'll get output like this:

distinct multiple columns in mysql